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Let your ideas soar.

Creativity, empathy and enthusiasm. These are just a few of our special ingredients that will skyrocket your communication.

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Writing well is not enough.

The art of copywriting goes beyond words. It takes a noteworthy idea and the ability to tell it, with the right words to the right audience.

Even before all that, it takes empathy and listening skills. You need to address the reader’s needs, identify the unique value of each company and the most suitable tone of voice for any new brand.

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Bespoke services for you

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Strategy and preliminary study

We analyze target, market and opportunities before defining your brand identity, tone of voice and operational plan of your communication.

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Copy for your digital projects

E-commerce, websites, blogs or newsletters: whatever your medium for your online communication, we’ll find the right words.

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Contents for marketing campaigns

We attract quality leads to your sales targets through effective copy for email sequences and landing pages.

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Ghostwriting and long copy

Ebooks, info products, guidebooks and manuals, but also white papers, books and long copy: we’ll be your trustworthy “ghost” voice.

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Video scripts and commercials

Your speeches, videos and radio or TV commercials need a script and storyboard? Here we are, at your service.

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Multilingual writing

We can speak (almost) all the voices of the world: we’re your multilingual editorial staff just one click away.

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Our recipe



OTB FACTOR: why we’re truly Outside The Box

  • HANDMADE STYLE: we regard every project as something special and unique, so we handcraft it, with care and great enthusiasm.
  • WORK IN PROGRESS METHOD: we are always revising and updating our copywriting skills. We don’t like to feel as “we’ve made it.”
  • COMMUNICATIVE APPROACH: we like to build strong human relations with our clients on each project. Trust, sharing and mutual respect are the foundations of our working method.
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Some of our happy clients 🙂

nina virtuoso digital copywriter

Nina Virtuoso
Cofounder & Communication Manager

About us

Both as professionals and persons, we believe in quality communication. On this ground, we founded OTB Outside The Box Srl, our lab of ideas, sharing and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

federico valeri otb manager

Federico Valeri
Cofounder & Project Manager

Let’s hear hands-on experiences

We give the floor to some who worked with us

We had been thinking about how we could improve the content of our property descriptions for some time. Finally, in March, during a rebranding process that concerned the entire visual identity of Casavo, we decided to contact OTB Writing Lab. We were impressed straight away with their expertise and skills, as we got exactly what we wanted in less than a month. With just a few initial explanations, they were able to grasp our needs, and the quality of the final result exceeded our expectations.

casavo copywriting
To develop and scale up an online project is FUNDAMENTAL to work with valuable people, which is also one of the most difficult things to get. A valuable partner is not just proficient, but she’s got a professional, dependable work attitude.
Professional ethics is key, and that’s exactly the quality that I continue to appreciate every day I work with the OTB Writing Lab team.
Daniele Besana, CEO

recensione articoli blog
When it comes to digital marketing, it's not easy to arouse interest, especially if you're dealing with a niche audience. At OTB Writing Lab, I found imagination and real writing skills, which allowed me to give life to my project!
Jessica Pietrantuono, Digital Strategist

recensione content marketing
I worked with them for an Australian company. We had to translate some Amazon products from English to Italian. What an outstanding translation! I have also received a very useful guide about the Italian market. Great value with a great price!
Bettina Wittman, WeBound Marketing

recensione transcreation copy
We had never received compliments for our newsletters before! People were thrilled at how we managed to engage them and got them to read our emails all the way through... which they usually never do... 😀
Chiara Pellegrini, Iori Arredamenti

recensione testi newsletter
I worked with OTB Writing Lab to draw up a communication strategy for several of my clients. In addition to the great quality of their contents, I especially appreciated their proactive attitude, enthusiasm and dedication with which they took care of the various projects. The final result? Always professional.
Nicola Lanziani, Connexting Srl

recensione copywriting
One of the biggest challenges today is finding a proactive, dependable team to work with. We have been relying on OTB Writing Lab for some time now, because they are loyal, fast professionals and above all they love what they do. Every time we need to draw up a communication strategy, they always have that extra bit that will help you stand out. I highly recommend this team if you want to boost your business.
Paolo Patelli, Digixfera

recensione testi newsletter
I have made dozens of videos with the scripts created by OTB Writing Lab and I am really satisfied with it! The quality and effectiveness of the copy is there for all to see! Nina and her team have a unique style with which they are able to transform even very complex concepts into images and words. I recommend them to all those who want to give life to their copy, convert more and rely on solid, reliable professionals. 100% recommended!
Angelo Stallone,

recensione testi newsletter
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We’re here to listen to you 🙂

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    01. Creativity, style, excellent command of the language and its great potential. And an insatiable desire to always learn and improve. 02. We guarantee our clients professional ethics and respect. We expect you to help us keep our promise, the same we make to you. 03. "The main problem with communication is that we do not listen to understand, but we listen to respond.” Being able to truly listen to people is one of our strengths. 04. Trust, organization, responsibility and enthusiasm. OTB Writing Lab is a team in which every member gives and receives value.